Wildflower Photography is a nationally published senior and family portrait photographer, dedicated to providing not only a fun custom session but quality artwork that you can display and enjoy for a lifetime. 

About Hailey Kemper of Wildflower Photography | Charlotte and Lake Norman Family and Senior Photographer

Meet Hailey…

I’ve always been a documenter. I have dozens of old videos, hundreds of pictures, and a closet full of memory boxes to prove it. Okay, so maybe “hoarder” is a more accurate term, but “documenting” sounds better. One of my favorite things to do is look through photo albums, especially ones that my sweet great-grandmother (aka “MamMaw Hagler”) owned. Those photos tell the story of growing up in a big family, life during the Great Depression, and wonderful moments frozen in time. I can easily get lost in old albums for hours.

Album Sample | Wildflower Photography

Because of this, I strongly believe in the power of a printed product. In an age where hard drives crash, CD’s get scratched, and technology consistently becomes outdated; seeing those gorgeous memories hanging on the wall or flipping through a custom designed, high quality album is priceless.

My introduction to the art of photography began about eight years ago, simply as a desire to capture my new baby’s life… the beautiful and the messy. Boy, has there been plenty of messy! I wanted more than just the traditional studio portraits. I wanted to have images of my baby livingI fell in love with capturing the everyday moments, which in time, got the attention of friends and family. When I first picked up that camera, I never dreamed it would turn into a full fledged business!

Why Families?   At this time in my life, I’m still in the thick of parenting. I have three kids now, which means life is busy, crazy, and overwhelming. But in between the craziness, there are those small, beautiful moments of sloppy baby kisses, dancing in the kitchen, and cuddling up to watch a movie. It’s the tiny feet running across the hardwood floors. It’s watching the window light trickle over your toddler playing on the floor. It’s pretending to be super heroes or running across a field at the park. It’s holding them super close, knowing that as parents, we only get them little for so long. I’ve watched that chubby baby I picked up the camera for all those years ago turn into a tall, lanky kid whose desire for independence is strong now. I treasure the albums full of their tiny baby feet, trips to the beach, and family memories. This is what I hope to give to my clients, both with new babies and grown children. Every stage is wonderful and should be documented to treasure forever.

Why Seniors?   As my younger sister grew up (we’re 14 years apart), I discovered how much I loved photographing teens and seniors. Being a teen can be difficult sometimes, particularly for the girls in our culture. My profession allows me to remind them of their worth, their beauty, their strength, and just how amazing they truly are. While of course their moms or friends tell them these things, sometimes it helps to hear it from an objective source who gets to photograph beautiful, talented people regularly. Watching my seniors’ faces light up when they realize how incredible they are is such a gift. It’s even better when their parents confirm that I captured them beautifully and perfectly. It’s important for me to document them well, because more than likely, the next time they’ll be photographed professionally will be on their wedding day! I love that these seniors often become like extended family for me. We keep in contact, and I love getting to watch them find their wings as they enter college and adulthood.

What I do is so much more than a job. It gives me sincere joy to spend time with my clients, while also providing them with images that will last a lifetime. Taking the time to get to know my clients, I do my best to capture the essence of who they are, turning real life moments into beautiful artwork to be enjoyed for years to come.

Planning for your Portrait Session

In addition, I enjoy capturing the families with special needs children. Because my son’s life has been affected by autism, I get the extra understanding and patience it often takes to truly capture these wonderfully unique kids. If you check out my instagram, you’ll often see stories and posts featuring my sweet Noah. He’s the absolute light of my life, and my biggest why behind why I do what I do. After all, he’s the reason I picked up the camera in the first place!

Rest assured that no matter what the occasion or circumstance, I’ll be there excited and ready to tell your story while providing you with gorgeous artwork to be enjoyed for a lifetime.