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Hazel & Indigo Boutique

I am so excited to officially announce that Wildflower Photography will continue to partner with Jan Plyler, owner of Hazel & Indigo boutique! I met Jan this year during my prep for the big styled shoot I do for my model team every year. I found her through instagram and instantly fell in love with the outfits she was showing. Little did I know that the woman behind those outfits was even more amazing! She is one of the most genuine, loving people I’ve ever met. I literally walked in the house after our lunch together and yelled to my husband a couple weeks ago, “Heaven sent me an angel in the form of Jan!” 🙂

Hazel and Indigo Boutique | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman Branding Photographer

Jan will now be offering styling services to Wildflower Seniors, where she will help guide clients in choosing the perfect outfits for their upcoming session. She also has graciously contributed some favorite Hazel & Indigo pieces to the Wildflower style closet. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to continue working with Jan. She’s chosen so many fun outfits to include in the style closet. If you’ve followed along on instagram recently, then you’ve seen a few of them modeled by my 2020 seniors.

Senior Photography Style Closet | Wildflower Photography, Huntersville NCSenior Photography Style Closet | Wildflower Photography, Huntersville NC

In an effort to help you get to know her better, we met up for lunch where I was able to ask her a few questions. Read below for more info. I’m sure you’ll love her just as much as I do!

Hazel and Indigo Boutique | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman Branding Photographer

Meet Jan, Owner of Hazel and Indigo:

Hailey: “To start off, tell us a little about Hazel & Indigo. What made you want to open a boutique?”
Jan: “I’ve actually owned a boutique business since 1996. I started in home decor, but then the economy changed. Women were no longer buying home decor, but they were buying jewelry and clothing. It’s easier to justify a fun piece of jewelry as a treat to yourself, than a new piece of home decor. I started Hazel & Indigo because I wanted my business to be a reflection of myself, rather than just a random boutique. I spent much of my childhood in NASCAR culture. Indigo happened to be the name of a hotel my family would stay at. When I think back to those times, I think of happiness and joy and family. Life celebrations. Hazel is my eye color.”

Hazel and Indigo Boutique | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman Branding Photographer

H: “How did you get started in the fashion world?”
J: “My first experience was window modeling at Benetton as well as fashion shows. When I was old enough, I got a job in the fashion world for the next 5-6 years. My college years were spent working in boutiques and a lot of trips to NYC.”

H: “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?”
J: “Maybe a big city first, then migrate towards the coast. Anywhere with water is my happy place.”

H: “If you could give advice to someone getting into this field, what would it be?”
J: “Find an accountant you love! A creative boutique owner isn’t always likely to be great at finances. Make sure your priorities are in order. And own a steamer!”

H: “If you could give your younger self one piece of advice having the experience you do now, what would it be?”
J: “It’s okay to not know everything. In fact, expect not to know everything. We’re all meant to keep practicing and learning. It’s okay not to have all the answers right away.”

Hazel and Indigo Boutique | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman Branding Photographer

H: “What makes you/your business unique compared to others that do the same thing?”
J: “Boutiques can be intimidating for people. Sometimes it feels like boutiques these days cater to one type of woman. My goal is to make women of all types feel good and confident about themselves. So much love can be found in opening a package that’s wrapped beautifully, so that’s another focus of mine. Connecting with other women is so important, and it’s so easy to strike up a conversation and connect over a pair of earrings. Conversations like that just open the door to deeper connections.”

H: “What are the top trends you’ve seen for this year that we should know about?”
J: “Snake and animal prints everywhere. Femininity is huge right now. Women are embracing their femininity. I think what’s in style is ANYTHING is in style! I do watch the trends, but I also see that there are so many trends that I try not to get stuck pushing one or two. I personally love classic trends.”

H: “When choosing pieces for your boutique, what do you gravitate towards?”
J: “I love comfortable, stylish, classic pieces. I want the fabric to feel good. I hate itchy clothes! It depends on the season, but I love color and interesting basics.”

Hazel and Indigo Boutique | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman Branding Photographer

H: “How would you describe your own personal style?”
J: “Relaxed, classic, comfortable. Slightly edgy and monochromatic. I like simple pieces that look timeless.”

H: “For professional photos, where do you recommend people start when trying to decide on an outfit or two?”
J: “It would depend on the feel of the photograph/shoot to start with. But overall, I would recommend basing the pieces off their personality and choosing things that you feel amazing in. If you’re uncomfortable, it’s going to show in the final images. Embrace YOU and your style.”

Hazel and Indigo Boutique | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman Branding Photographer

H: “Specifically for the high school senior crowd, if you were personally styling them, what would be your top piece of style advice?”
J: “Don’t pick anything too trendy, because you’re going to look at these for the rest of your life.”


Y’all, this lady is the real deal. You’re going to love her! Make sure to check her out and of course give her a follow on all the socials. Hazel & Indigo is currently having their end of summer sale, so definitely check that out!

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Gorgeous hair and makeup by Sabrina from Look Love Beauty

Hazel and Indigo Boutique | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman Branding Photographer

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