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The Wildflower Model Team

Applications are officially OPEN to join the Wildflower Model Team!

Wildflower Model Team Styled Shoot | Charlotte Senior Photographer

I am SO excited to see who applies and ends up joining the Wildflower Model Team. We already have an amazing group of girls that are still a part of my team. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve really loved hanging out with my current girls, getting to know them, and just having a lot of fun. If you’ve been watching from afar, wondering what all of this is about or what it even looks like to be on the team, here’s a bit of a quick rundown…

Each year, I put together a Wildflower Model Team. Applications used to only be open to rising seniors, but last year, I decided to open it up to juniors and sophomores as well. After the first three years of doing this, I realized that I wanted more time with my girls. I wanted more opportunities to get to know them and really feel invested in their lives. Your senior year is such a busy season of life. I felt like by the time I was really bonding with my girls, it was time for them to graduate! By starting earlier, I have a chance to just chill and hang out with them. I received so many applications last year, and it was so difficult to narrow it down. But I truly feel like we’ve created such a great group. Everyone is so diverse… different backgrounds, family lives, schools, and interests. But around my table or on a fun shoot, we’re all laughing and having a blast.

Class of 2017 Lake Norman NC


Things to know and answers to FAQ…

  • I leave applications open for several weeks, usually until Spring. This gives my next round of girls (guys are welcome too!) the chance to, most importantly, FIND me (I swear, social media is the worst when trying to get the word out…). It also gives me plenty of time to meet and select the ones I feel will mesh the best with my current team.
  • I keep my group small. I don’t want to have like 30 teens to keep up with. Lol. I like to keep my Wildflower Model Team under 15. Right now we have eight girls, two of which will be graduating. So no worries, there are plenty of spots.Wildflower Model Team Styled Shoot | Charlotte Senior Photographer
  • Parents MUST give their permission. I don’t want to have to convince parents that this is worth it. I want them excited to have their kids join something fun and wholesome and uplifting. They also are (usually) the ones flipping the bill AND completely responsible for you. I need them to trust me fully that I have their kid’s best interests at heart. I have three babies of my own, and I can promise you I’d want to know if they were applying for something like this too. Lol
  • This year, the Model Team fee is $250 and helps cover basic costs of operating the program, including professional hair and makeup, food, supplies, etc. This does not even begin to cover my time. Even if all you decide to join in on are one styled shoot and your personal senior session, you’ll still be receiving an $800 value for much less, not including any rewards you may earn. It’s an insane deal, but I work it out this way so that I’m not excluding an amazing girl just because she will be paying for it on her own (some girls decide to do that). My goal is to have a ton of fun and create a close knit group that you’ll eventually look back on and be so happy you were a part of.
  • I cannot guarantee you will become a professional model. haha. YES you will absolutely be guided and posed appropriately by me, and you will get the full model treatment at least twice during this program. Some of my girls really have gone on to model for local boutiques or agencies, but the goal of this is to just have a ton of fun. If you discover through this program that you really are serious about pursuing professional modeling, I can get you in touch with the right people for that.Wildflower Model Team | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman senior photographer
  • This is NOT an intensive and time consuming program. Life is busy. My team members have sports, dance, friends, and life. Heck, I’m raising three kids and running a business! The Wildflower Model Team is very laid back. So don’t worry, you won’t be kicked off the team if you can’t make every meeting or party. Again, the goal is to have fun, create some beautiful photos, and have a safe space to go to just be ourselves. These girls have gotten to know my entire family and will often be seen with my kids instead of me. Lol
  • We do one big styled shoot each year, complete with professional hair & makeup, at a beautiful location or venue. So far, we’ve also had a local boutique supply gorgeous outfits every year. In addition to the styled shoot, we’ll periodically meet up for game nights, spontaneous photoshoots, holiday fun, and charity stuff. Wildflower Model Team Styled Shoot | Charlotte Senior PhotographerWildflower Model Team Styled Shoot | Charlotte Senior PhotographerWildflower Model Team Styled Shoot | Charlotte Senior PhotographerWildflower Model Team Styled Shoot | Charlotte Senior PhotographerWildflower Model Team Styled Shoot | Charlotte Senior Photographer
    Wildflower Model Team | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman senior photographer

    Eden with my baby Diana at our Christmas party

    Wildflower Model Team | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman senior photographer

  • You get your own custom photo session for your senior year. This is when it’s YOUR time to shine! Once you become a senior, we start planning your own personalized Wildflower Experience, normally a $350 value alone. You get professional hair and makeup, up to 2-3 hours of photoshoot time, and $100 towards your portrait product order. This is one of the reasons I decided to add on sophomores and juniors. This year, I loved that I already knew Payton and Baylee so well that I could capture them to the fullest. I knew what made them laugh, how to get those serious looks (without looking angry, lol), and enjoy our time in between. In years prior, I was still able to bond with a couple of my girls and loved knowing I was getting exactly what they (and their parents) wanted out of their session. This is seriously one of the highlights of having a model team for me.Payton's Senior Session | Wildflower Photography, Davidson NCBaylee's Senior Session | Wildflower Photography, Davidson NC senior photographerNoDa Charlotte NC senior photographerSenior Photography, Charlotte NCCharlotte NC senior photographer

The biggest, most important thing?

BE YOU. Fill out that form honestly. Be goofy, be vulnerable, be honest. I can tell you that the girls on the team already are funny, talented, silly, and totally normal. They’re really the best, and I promise you that you’ll love them. I can’t wait to see who ends up joining the team!!

Ready to apply? Click below to get started!

Wildflower Model Team | Wildflower Photography, Lake Norman senior photographer

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